upcoming Adult ed. activities

Sunday, October 1st, 2 pm -4 pm

California Mennonite: Book Launch & Art Exhibit:
Award winning California “open air” artist Paul Buxman will exhibit a collection of his paintings at the launch of the book, The gift of Laughter: the story of a California Mennonite Family by Bellingham author Loretta Willems. Buxman paints the vineyards and orchards that looked like paradise to the Mennonites farming the North American prairies in the early 20th century, The Gift of Laughter tells the story of one of the Mennonite families that succumbed to the lure of rich soil and year round sunshine, a family that laughed, sand, and told stories. Come hear some of those stories, see the paintings, and enjoy the fiddles and guitars of the Happy Valley SluggersClick here to RSVP  

Sunday, October 15th, 2 pm -4 pm

Gathering Our Memories: a 2 hour workshop on how to start your own Family History Project with  Loretta Willems  Click here to RSVP

Thursdays, October 5th - 26th, @  1 pm - 3 pm

Evolutionary Psychology speaks to Unitarian-Universalism
with Gerald Beroldi

Evolutionary psychology presents a challenge to most UUs view of human nature--but not to our goals.  This class will explore these challenges and hopefully start us thinking about how we can use these ideas to make us more effective in our own lives and the work we do in the larger world.  It may also help us better understand family members and others, especially conservatives, who do not share our Weltanschauung.
If you are interested  before you register please contact  gberoldi@yahoo.com for how he would like this class to happen and to answer questions you may have. 
Gerald will be doing an evolutionary psychology class with broader material and a different orientation for the Academy of Lifelong Learning (A.L.L.) in January.  It will also be on 4 Thursdays from 1-3.  But this class will cost $64 for A.L.L. members and $80 for non-members.  There is no charge for the BUF class. Click here to RSVP 

Sundays, Nov. 5th - Dec. 20th, 1 pm - 3 pm

Between Bible Thumping & Bible Bashing II
With Rev. Bill Haney
You do not need to have taken last years workshop with Rev. Haney to join this years workshop.
 What does the Bible say? Not what a superstitious or cynical person wants you to think what it says. What does it really say? It says a lot of things, some worthwhile, others long since no longer relevant. If you are curious about this ancient book and the people who told the stories and those who listened to them, then maybe a series of sessions might open some ideas about an ancient past that still has influences, both good and bad, today.Click here to RSVP