Sunday Coffee Hour

After Sunday service, we offer a time to connect with each other in a casual setting.  Just follow the crowd out the sanctuary door and down the stairs to our social hall.

What You Will Find

  • Fellowship, Refreshment: Coffee, tea, and camaraderie are in ample supply after Sunday services in our spacious social hall. Whatever is happening at BUF, you can learn more about it during this lively hour of conversation and booth-browsing. If the crowd scene feels daunting, just head to the Welcome Corner for a warm greeting and personal attention.
  • Welcome Corner: This prominent kiosk is usually staffed by a member of BUF’s hospitality team, who can answer questions, help you sign up for our weekly e-newsletter, provide literature, and acquaint you with BUF’s members and activities.
  • Fair Trade Coffee/Chocolate Sales: Each week, members of BUF’s Social and Environmental Justice team sell these items; a portion of the proceeds support our Unitarian Universalist Service Committee, which undertakes social-justice work worldwide.
  • Coffee Hour Bakers: We are always in need of goodies for Coffee Hour. Bring homemade or purchased items downstairs either before or right after service. Labeling the ingredients is helpful. To aid in planning, we encourage you to sign up in advance at

Header photo by Dan Witter.