Upcoming Sunday Services

October 20 - A Humble Relationship to Reality - Michael Dowd
Rev. Dowd speaks to the intersection of science, inspiration, and sustainability. He will explore healthy vs. unhealthy ways of relating to temporal and spacial reality and offer practical guidance for nurturing a mythic relationship to time and nature that doesn't require believing in anything.

October 27 - Sacred Places - Paul Beckel

We’ll consider the myriad ways to create and honor sacred places to comfort and inspire — places and art and words and music and silences shaped by the times and places and cultures and all else that informs where we are from, what we are, and who we seek to become.

Past Services

October 13 - I Lift my Lamp beside the Golden Door - Paul Beckel
September 15 - I am From - Paul Beckel
August 25 - The Essence of the Gita - Debu Majumdar & Dick Kasper
August 11 - The Spirituality of Emotional Agility - Madeline McNeill
June 23 - A Few Kind Words for Institutions - Rev. Peter Luton
June 9 - Flower Communion - Paul Beckel
June 2 - Gratitude: A Song for Here and Now - Paul Beckel
May 26 - The Way of Mystery / The Mystery of the Way - Paul Beckel
May 12 - Mother's Day: Let's Get Real - Roz Reynolods
April 28 - Bringing Our Best Selves  - Paul Beckel
April 14 - What if I'm NOT the center of the Universe? - Paul Beckel
April 7 - A Sense of Wonder - Paul Beckel

Header Christmas Eve service photo by Dan Witter.