Religious Education

Become a Religious Education Teacher

Our volunteer teachers are committed, energetic, and positive models for our children and youth. They share a common interest in children and a commitment to guiding their education and spiritual discovery. Teachers use a variety of Unitarian Universalist curricula as the prime resource and learn a lot about our denomination themselves in the process. Teachers attend training sessions and then work in rotating teams. Teachers generally teach 2 to 3 Sundays per month on their rotation. Two teachers are scheduled together in each class, and each week they trade off responsibilities for leading and assisting (new teachers spend some time assisting before being expected to lead). The curricula and supplies are prepared for them in advance. 

It’s easy to volunteer with the RE program. Our varied activities makes it possible to get involved for a day or for a year or any amount in between. This upcoming year is full of potential for RE programming and we need our larger community! There are a number of ways for you to get involved in our exciting programs. For example, we need people to:

  • Help out with art projects on multi-age days
  • Assist in setting up or cleaning up for special events
  • Lead music for children’s service
  • Support teachers and children on local field trip days

Be a guest teacher on subjects concerning environmental preservation, gardening and food security, allyship with Lummi Nation, bugs and insects, or other 7th principle topics

We welcome volunteers of all genders, ages, abilities, and backgrounds. You may have many grandchildren or you might not have spent much time with children—we’d like to find a way for you to be involved that is a good fit. We are committed to inclusivity and will do our best to accommodate an accessible environment for your participation. Regular RE Teachers must receive a Washington State Patrol Background Check on crimes against persons. For more information on how to become a classroom teacher or volunteer with children please contact Jennifer Smith our Director of Lifelong Learning.

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Header is a slice of the Standing on the Side of Love poster compiled by BUF members Beth Sobel, Heidi Alford, Michelle Magee and Alicia Alford.