Ministry Action Teams
Our Ministry Action Teams are groups of members (at least 5) who are addressing a particular issue for which they have a strong passion.  We believe in walking our talk. Most teams are addressing social or environmental justice issues, although any BUF program can sponsor a Ministry Action Team.

Groups of members wishing to create a new team must complete a short application documenting who they are, how their team will further BUF's mission and vision, the theological basis for their work, how they will involve the rest of the congregation, and success milestones.  The application will be reviewed by the sponsoring program who forwards it to the Admin Team for final approval.  Please contact the Chair of the SEJC for the most recent application. 

Here are our current Ministry Action Teams:

Black Lives Matter Team

The BUF Black Lives Matter Ministry Action Team seeks to nurture the social, spiritual and personal development of congregation members in the exploration of how racism and privilege impact our congregation, our community, and our nation.  In particular, we acknowledge the targeted violence which impacts black people disproportionately.   
We work to end racial discrimination and injustice, starting within ourselves and moving out into the world around us.  We support multiracial, multiethnic congregations and advocate for stopping racist policies like mass imprisonment and attacks on voting rights.  
We are committed to harnessing the power of love to dismantle racism and white supremacy across our communities and to creating spaces inclusive of people of all races, ethnicities, and cultural backgrounds.  We work with many partners in support of the Black Lives Matter movements. 
To learn more visit our blog or contact Lauralee  by e-mail or  360.676.8649.

Climate Justice Team (formerly Responsible Energy)

Mission:  Promotes awareness and action focused on climate change and its impacts on vulnerable human and natural communities.

BUF's Climate Justice Ministry Team will be working in tandem with the recently instituted UUA/UUSC Collaboration called "Commit2Respond." Much of our work to date has been around the impact of the fossil fuel industry, particularly as a result of the proposed Gateway Pacific Terminal at Cherry Point, Bakken oil shipments to BP, tarsands pipelines running through Bellingham, etc. - all in our own backyard! While much of this relates to environmentalism, we work to move beyond that and embrace the whole ideal of climate justice.

This means recognizing that the peoples who contribute the least to climate change are the ones suffering the most because of it and this would include our regional First Nations communities and our farmworker communities as well and working with these communities to engage in genuine and substantive change. It means understanding that the oppression and the degradation of human groups through slavery, colonization, genocide, and mass incarceration and the devaluation of our natural communities like our Orca, Salmon and Herring populations encompass the same attitudes that are leading to the destruction of Earth. It also means that climate change, while predominantly caused by our consumption of fossil fuels and their byproducts, they are not the only source and we'll be open to all ideas and actions that will work to counter human causes of climate change.

Our work overlaps with the Native American Connections, Immigration Rights and BUF/C2C Partnership teams.  Interested in joining us?  Contact Deb Cruz or read our Climate Energy blog.

Family Promise of Whatcom County

Family Promise of Whatcom County is an interfaith hospitality network of over 25 local faith congregations under the Interfaith Coalition umbrella of services, providing shelter to homeless families.  For one week at a time, on a rotating basis, host and support congregations provide overnight lodging, meals and hospitality for three to four families daily from 5:30 pm to 7 am.   Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship is a support congregation paired with Garden Street Methodist Host Church.   We have over 35 volunteers from BUF who provide food, supplies, overnight hosting, hospitality and activities for children.  Families receive intensive case management, financial counseling and connections to local resources.  If you would like to learn more:  Family Promise National: or Family Promise of Whatcom County:   If you would like to volunteer, contact BUF Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Stevenson 360-738-7083.

Humanitas Team

Mission: To provide support to local people in need by listening to their stories and offering limited, emergency, financial assistance in a safe, warm and non-judgmental atmosphere.

Humanitas (a humane act, benevolence) is a deeply spiritual ministry. We are actively engaged in fulfilling the first line of BUF’s Covenant:

“Love is the spirit of this fellowship and service gives it life.”

Humanitas is a weekly alms program reaching out to local citizens who are struggling to rebuild lives turned upside down as a result of an unfortunate decision or circumstances beyond their control. The need is great and growing. To learn more contact Barbara Gobus.   

To learn more, visit our blog

Immigrant Rights Team

The Immigrant Rights Team mission is to affirm and promote peace, justice, fairness and equality through action, education and raising awareness within our community and the wider world, specifically around immigrant human rights issues.   The team works to support and collaborate with organizations in our community that advocate for immigrants.  Some of this advocacy may include:

*direct support and fundraising with/to/for immigrants such as our partner organization Community to Community and Familias Unidas por la Justicia. 
*educational programming that seeks to increase community understanding.
*legislative work to lobby local, state and federal government agencies.
*attending rallies, events, and marches for immigrant rights.
*promoting comprehensive immigration reform detailed in the Dignity Campaign.
*providing opportunities for compassionate action in our community

Contact:   Mike Betz

Native American Connections Committee

Mission: Working to support, honor, appreciate, and work cooperatively with indigenous peoples locally, nationally and internationally.

There are many opportunities with our indigenous neighbors that call for action and for contributions of time, money, and service to build bridges of understanding, respect, and compassion.

We attend public cultural events. We collect food for Lummi Food Bank five months a year. We sponsor Native representatives at Sunday Adult Forums, and at times guest speakers in the pulpit. We support Native artists, musicians and story tellers. We educate ourselves through workshops, movies, and speakers. We host workshops, concerts, and speakers open to the general public. We take social action when called for. We volunteer when needed. We build relationships between our communities.

Contact:  Beth Brownfield at or  (360) 738-8899

Check out the NACC Blog for upcoming events and projects.

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