Giving Beyond BUF
Every month we take a collection during a Sunday service to support an organization that aligns with our values. The recipients are selected by our Social & Environmental Justice Committee (SEJC) each spring. Guiding Principles for the Collection and Application can be found here. You can donate any Sunday by placing your contribution in the collection envelopes and marking it for Special Collection. A great way to insure you give every month is to sign up for automatic withdrawal form your bank account. Check with the BUF office for details.
The collection recipients for this church year are:

7/14/19 REsources
8/18/2019 JUUstice Washington
9/22/2019 Humanitas
10/20/2019 Community to Community Development
11/17/2019 Transylvania Partner Church
12/15/19 Lydia Place
1/19/2020 Restorative CommUnity Coalition
2/16/2020 York Community Farm
3/15/2020 Our Tree House
4/19/2020 NW Youth Services
5/17/2020 Growing Veterans
6/21/2020 NAMI Whatcom County

UUSC Membership

UUSC is the primary human rights/social justice organization for our UU denomination. It acts both nationally and globally and its primary focus is on assisting the most vulnerable. UUSC promotes workers’ rights, civil liberties, the human right to water, environmental justice, and the rights of vulnerable groups in humanitarian crises. 

UUSC's status as a membership organization provides us the autonomy to advocate for justice-oriented public policies across the political spectrum. By neither seeking nor accepting government funds, UUSC maintains a high level of independence. In addition to supporting UUSC financially, our members and supporters also participate directly in UUSC's efforts to challenge oppressive policies. Become a member of UUSC-make a difference! For more, visit

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Header is photo of a stained glass panel.  Long time BUF member JoAnne Feringer created the panels in 1984 to match the gothic style of our previous building.  They were  moved and served to decorate what was our front entrance until the 2010 addition. Header photo by Liz Weber.