Financial Health


The primary job of Stewardship at BUF is twofold: (1) to provide the congregation with accurate information about our fellowship and our financial situation, presented clearly and enthusiastically and in an encouraging manner, and (2) to collaborate with other groups in BUF to build a deeper financial commitment to our fellowship. The way we give defines who we are, and BUF stewards are privileged to articulate that to the Fellowship. As a result, being a BUF steward is not only central to the life of the church; but is also extremely rewarding personally.

Stewardship runs the annual pledge drive in the spring, the annual Harvest Festival in October, and the Year-End Gift to BUF meeting and presentation in December. We coordinate with the BUF auction, which is BUF's major fund-raiser after the pledge drive. We are beta testers for the UUA's Wi$dom path program, and look forward to learning more about how we can build generous lives.  Contact:  Carl Nyblade


The Finance Committee advises the Treasurer and Board of Trustees in the adoption of Fellowship financial policies and procedures. During monthly meetings, this team evaluates income and expense trends and aid in the development of financial policies, procedures, and recommendations.  They may also serve on audit and other special task force committees, including an annual budget committee. A liaison from the Board of Trustees attends the monthly Finance Committee meeting and reports back to the Board on a monthly basis. 

Finance Committee members are appointed based on their interest in helping shepherd BUF's financial health. Background in accounting, finance, non-profit management or business is preferred. Those who wish to serve on this vital committee are encouraged to submit a statement of interest and background to the Finance Committee Chair. Interested congregants are welcome to attend Finance Committee meetings. Members of this committee are appointed by the Board of Trustees and typically serve one to three years. Contact:  Dave Zeretzke


The purpose of the Endowment Committee is to raise and prudently manage funds to promote the long term financial security of BUF and to generate income outside of the operating fund to assist with future needs.  The committee is under the auspices of the Stewardship Team who recommends members to the Board of Trustees, and members serve for three years. Contact:  Gil Baker 

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