Directions, Parking & Accessibility

Driving Directions

BUF is located at 1207 Ellsworth Street at the corner of Ellsworth and I Streets a few blocks north of downtown Bellingham. We are one block east of Dupont, the closest major street, across I Street from the Bellingham School District offices.

Bus Routes

On Sundays, route 232 runs every half hour from the Downtown Station to the Cordata Station. Route 15 runs every hour. On weekdays, route 232 runs every 15 minutes while route 15 runs every half hour. Other bus lines connect with these routes at both the downtown and Cordata stations. Ask the driver to let you off at I Street. From route 232, walk one block along I street, beside the Board of Education building, to Ellsworth Street. On route 51, head toward the bay and walk 2 blocks to Ellsworth Street. Refer to or call (360) 676-7433.

Handicap buses bring passengers directly to BUF. Call WTA for details.

Parking (Cars & Bicycles)

There are five disabled-user parking slots adjacent to BUF's front door on Ellsworth Street. BUF owns a small parking lot across the street from the main door. This lot fills up quickly on Sundays. We have permission to park on Sundays at the Board of Education across I Street from BUF and at North Coast Credit Union one-half block south (left as you face our entrance) on Ellsworth Street.

Bicycle racks are on the I Street side of the building.

Please do NOT park in the lot behind BUF near the lower-level entrance to the social hall.

Entrance Ramps & Elevator

Both ramps at BUF reach ground level at the left-hand corner of the building as you face the main entrance. The first ramp serves our main entrance. The second ramp serves the office level and serves primarily as a fire escape, since you can easily reach the office level from the main entrance.

The older part of our building, which includes the sanctuary, has two levels. The new addition has three levels: social hall, offices, and classrooms. Because of the different levels, the elevator has four stops:

Level 2: classrooms, flex room, restrooms with changing tables
Level 1: offices, conference room, coat room, wheelchair accessible restrooms, stairway to classrooms
N: (narthex) - main entrance, sanctuary, cry room, fragrance-free restrooms, one with changing table
B: (basement) - social hall, kitchen, library, restrooms (B)

Hearing Devices / Large Print

The ushers have large print copies of the Order of Service and of the songs. Assistive listening devices are in a cupboard to the left as you enter the main sanctuary. The ushers can help you find and use them.


Header tulip photo by Dan Witter.