Annual Pledging
Our fellowship runs on the financial support of BUF members and friends. Your annual pledge supports the outstanding BUF staff, pays the mortgage, keeps the lights on, and allows us to share our beautiful space with organizations such as Community to Community.

The pledge drive occurs every spring, usually during March. After the pledge cards are received, the Board uses the total as the basis of our budget for that fiscal year.

Our finances have been challenging for the last several years. Spring pledges have not covered BUF's operating costs (salaries, mortgage, repairs, etc.) and have been supplemented by the BUF Auction and the Year-end Gift to BUF campaign.

Our goal is to support the operations of our congregation solely through annual pledges. This frees up energy for spiritual growth, social activism, and community building. Upon reaching this goal, fundraisers will be used to support our expanding dreams for a better world.

If you would like to be contacted about pledging, send an email to Carl Nyblade, Stewardship Team Chair or call the BUF office at (360) 733-3837.

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Header is photo of a stained glass panel.  Long time BUF member JoAnne Feringer created the panels in 1984 to match the gothic style of our previous building.  They were  moved and served to decorate what was our front entrance until the 2010 addition. Header photo by Liz Weber.